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Spanish traders searching for a faster route to Los Angeles first explored the Vegas Valley. Rafael Rivera discovered a fertile valley abundant with wild grass and water, the valley was than named Las Vegas, or "The Meadows". If only Rafael Rivera could see what has become of Las Vegas today...

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The History of Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas Past, a site that outlines how Las Vegas became the wonderful city it is today. 

To get an outline of how Las Vegas got its start, take a look at our "The Start" page, it outlines all the notable events in the founding of Las Vegas.

Next comes, the History of Gaming, which will take you step-by-step through how Las Vegas became the gamblers paradise.

Going a little bit east, we provide some information on the History and Construction of the Hoover Dam, this isn't exactly in Las Vegas, but it played an integral part in building Las Vegas into the town it is today.

Lastly, we outline some other sites that provide some useful information on the city of Las Vegas and its surroundings.

If you would like to discuss the history of Las Vegas with other regular visitors, check our Las Vegas Discussion site.

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